Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brevity?

Brevity is an inclusive, reusable incontinence brief brand designed for every ability.

Our goal is to create reusable incontinence products that help you feel empowered to take control and own your incontinence.

Our inclusive range is designed to fit both children, teens and adults—with both low and high rise options available to meet your unique style and needs.

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Are these just cloth diapers?

We're passionate about empowering you to take control of your incontinence with a brief that makes you feel confident and dignified.

While our incontinence briefs may also be referred to as adult cloth diapers, we prefer to use language that fosters inclusivity and positivity around all body types and abilities. We believe that brief is a more empowering and inclusive label for our products.

What sizes do you offer?

At launch, Brevity will be offering children's sizing with a focus on bed wetting solutions.

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Our goal is to expand sizing to be more inclusive with a range of XXS to adult 6XL. If you are interested in trialing larger sizes, please complete our research questionnaire.

When will Brevity Briefs be available for purchase?

Our briefs will be launching in summer 2024. Please join our email list to be the first to know about exciting brand launch updates.

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