What is Brevity?

Brevity is a new reusable incontinence brand, founded by Kinder, a modern baby cloth diaper brand.

The acquisition of Snap-EZ, by Kinder Cloth Diaper Co. in 2023, brings together two trusted names in the reusable diapering industry, with Snap-EZ's expertise in incontinence products complementing Kinder's modern reusable pocket cloth diapers, designed to fit babies and toddlers from birth to potty training.

The new brand will continue to uphold Snap-EZ's commitment to quality and customer service, backed by the resources and expertise of Kinder Cloth Diaper Co. This collaboration aims to further enhance the product line and reach of Snap-EZ, offering a comprehensive range of reusable incontinence products for individuals of all ages.

Why Brevity?

Brevity is comes from our tag line, Briefs for Every Ability. We've designed Brevity and BrevityKids for everyone—because incontinence can affect everyone.

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We're Experts in Reusables

Brevity is founded by Krystal and Gannon, of Kinder Cloth Diaper Co. They're experts in reusable diapers and are the perfect pair to help you master reusable incontinence products with confidence and a little flair.

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Inclusive Products and Language

We understand the importance of the words that we use and have chosen to call our reusable incontinence products Briefs.

While some may choose to call our products reusable diapers. We find that Brief carries less stigma and is more empowering.

Formerly Snap-EZ®

Snap-EZ® has been a trusted name in the reusable diapering industry for over seventeen years, specializing in youth and adult cloth diapers and incontinence products. The brand's dedication to helping individuals with disabilities and medical needs made it a go-to choice for many customers.

In 2023, Kinder Cloth Diaper Co. acquired Snap-EZ®. In an effort to grow the brand, the new owners chose to reposition the brand as Brevity, a brand focused on crafting reusable incontinence Briefs for Every Ability.